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How Important is Spring Technology?

SPRING TECHNOLOGY:Layout 1Heavy duty automatic belt tensioners are designed to absorb accessory drive vibrations that lead to excessive belt wear and noise problems. How does a belt tensioner reduce vibrations? One of the solutions is in the spring technology. Click here to download pdf

AD-2 Air Dryer Servicing

BENDIX AD2 AIR DRYERCaution: Before servicing an AD-2 Air Dryer on a vehicle or before removing an AD-2 Air Dryer from a vehicle, the following procedure must be followed. Failure to do so may allow air pressure to be trapped in the upper body of the air dryer and could result in personal injury during servicing. Click here to download pdf

Troubleshooting Bendix® inlet check valves on DDC Series 60 low-emission engines

BENDIX CHECK VALVEIf a DDC Series 60 low emission engine does not build air, as part of the investigation to find the cause, you may use the following test to check that the Inlet Check Valve (ICV) is operating correctly. We recommend that other less labor-intensive inspections, for example, to check for a leaking or broken discharge line, be carried out before conducting this test. Click here to download pdf